The ALL-NEW Trifecta 2.0 has been reinvigorated with a host of new features but remains easy to install and simple to use. The best selling soft Tri-Fold cover just got better.


The newly redesigned frame, hinges, and corners provide more structure strength than before. Strongest in the industry, the frame is made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. The new MAX hinges are rugged and have a double pivot design. The new front Jaw-Grip Clamp and rear EZ-Lock Clamp work smarter not harder for you. The Jaw-Grip clamp tightens horizontally to help prevent over tightening and bed flange damage. The EZ-Lock clamp auto locks in place and requires less physical effort to operate.

Extang Trifecta 2.0

    • Smooth and contoured with a low profile appearance
    • Tri-folding cover design opens, closes or removes quickly
    • Can be attached or completely removed in seconds with NO tools
    • Heavy-duty locking straps for when cover is folded forward to secure on bed open.
    • Extang exclusive Jaw-Grip front clamps are easier to use than previous generation Trifecta covers
    • Max hinges have a double pivot design to last a lifetime
    • EZ-Lock rear clamps are easy to operate
    • Made in the USA - Ann Arbor, MI


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