Pendaliner is the world's leading manufacturer of plastic molded drop-in truck bed liners. Each liner has been designed for ease of installation and the best possible fit on the market. Drop-in liners install easily and provide the ultimate truck bed protection by completely covering the inside of your truck's bed. These liners are available in under-the-rail configuration, giving you the standard but great level of protection. Under-the-rail liners drop into your bed and prevent the inside from damage. They come up the sides of the inside of your truck bed and stop before the rails. This allows you to install custom rail caps, rails, ladder racks and more without sacrificing bed protection. The Under Rail Pendaliner gives you twice the protection of ordinary bed liners! Its skid-resistant top helps protect your cargo by reducing cargo movement. And its skid-resistant bottom helps protect your truck bed by reducing bed liner movement. You get double the protection with the Pendliner Bed Liner!


    • Up to twice the skid resistance of other drop in or spray on bed liners
    • Available in under-the-rail configuration
    • Deep, rich UV protected finish for enhanced look and ultimate protection
    • Rib design guards against dents & scrapes and allows water to drain away from the bed
    • Custom fit with no drill installation and tie down hole caps for most models
    • Made from durable polyethylene material
    • Resists gasoline, oils and most chemicals
    • Comes with molded-in board holders for stacking and tailgate cup holders
    • Smooth skid resistant surface that won't damage your cargo


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